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A One-Stop Trading platform: BitYard


BitYard provides everyone with an opportunity to trade several items on a single platform without hassle. At the same time, it gives the user a chance to be affiliated with the brand and not just to remain as some remote users.

A One-Stop Trading platform: BitYard

E-money exchange rating

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A One-Stop Trading platform: BitYard

BitYard is a one-stop platform that enables investors to carry out trades of a range of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, and many more. BitYard also permits traders and investors to engage in trading margins and enjoy the leverages gained up to five folds. Leverage is one of the most prominent features BitYard provides. Traders can get as high as 100 times in leverage, and these leverages are suitable for investors who are hoping to increase their returns.

Is BitYard Legitimate and Safe?

BitYard is no different in legitimacy from other popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. Trusted developers developed it, and it is widely used.

As per security, BitYard prioritizes users’ privacy and their security right from getting an account to every transaction to be carried out, thus safeguarding the platform.

The BitYard platform uses SSL tech to provide this high-priority level of security. Users are required to set up a pin that will be entered each time they wish to log into the platform and at every time they want to make a transaction. 

A second equally important security item set up on BitYard is SMS verification. Users have to provide SMS verification codes each time they want to make withdrawals or perform other sensitive actions such as resetting their password or adjusting their account settings. Users can also view their login history to track attempted hacks and promptly report them.

Multiple Licenses

Further on its legitimacy, BitYard is officially licensed to operate its business in the United States, where it is regulated by U.S Money Services Businesses, it is licensed in Singapore by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, it is licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (MTR), and it is also licensed by Australia’s AUSTRAC.


BitYard keeps its community growing by engaging users and encouraging them to partner with it. There are three levels to the BitYard partnership which are Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. Partners move from one level to the next depending on the number of their followers on social media and the degree of engagements they generate.

The platform is also in partnership with Revain and Paxful. The partnership with Revain is made to deliver a review writing completion for users and other interested individuals who wish to participate.

Paxful, on the other hand, is to help with providing users with more payment options in the event that they want to purchase Bitcoin with up to 150 fiat monies around the world.

BitYard Highlights: A One-stop Trading Platform

Of course, BitYard is a one-stop-shop for all things trading as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. Items of trade on the platform include Avax, BTC, ETH, Doge, and many more.

Spot Market and Inverse Perpetual

To make it easy for new users to navigate and have a good user experience, BitYard’s interface has good functionalities and features like a support chart section. In addition to cryptocurrencies, BitYard offers a platform where users can trade items like gold, forex, silver, crude oil, and some other popular commodities.

And in accordance with its business ideologies of making opportunities available to all, fees charged on transactions can be as low as 0.05%, as interested users can begin trading with 5 USDT. Another very fantastic thing about BitYard is the provision of trade copying which allows new users to follow and shadow existing traders to see and learn how things are done before staking their funds on the platform. 

Lite Trading CFDs

Lite Trading CFDs are trading tools that enable a trader to speculate on the market movements of a stock, that could be a tangible product (for example, wheat, corn, petroleum) or a monetary asset (for example, shares, bonds, bitcoins), at a fixed potential time and cost.

A One-Stop Trading platform: BitYard

Deposits with FIAT (Banxa)

Lately, BitYard teamed with Banxa, the world’s leading payment system provider (PSP) for the virtual currency market, to give users worldwide with much more accessible fiat payment options that accommodate 13 of the biggest and most popular currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, and AUD.

A One-Stop Trading platform: BitYard

BitYard fees 

The trading fees associated with crypto contract transactions can really be hard to decipher. When buying and selling on this system, you must incur different kinds of fees: an opening fee and an overnight fee.

Whenever you establish a role, you must pay an opening cost. It is fixed at 0.05 percent (formerly 0.075 percent), but it also includes additional aspects.

A One-Stop Trading platform: BitYard

BitYard Attractive Affiliate Program

The sub-commission affiliate structure provides a prospective affiliates with significant indirect supporter rewards. 

To receive reward, follow these 3 basic steps: publish your affiliate links, receive your finder’s fee, and get to be an eContract user. 

The program provides approximately to 40% compensations across all transaction costs, one-on-one guidance to broaden business backing, genuine compensation closure and data notifications, as well as multifaceted analyses with additional details on trade data and compensation archives to display a user accurately and how well they are making progress.

BitYard App

The BitYard app is made available on the Google play store and the Apple app store for mobile compatibility and trading on the go. As mentioned above, customer service can be accessed live on the in-app chat for navigation and other service issues.

At a single glance, a user can see available cryptocurrencies and other commodities available to be invested in; likewise, a live display of current price trends is visible. The dashboard gives access to users’ investments and how well they are doing.

In Conclusion

BitYard provides everyone with an opportunity to trade several items on a single platform without hassle. At the same time, it gives the user a chance to be affiliated with the brand and not just to remain as some remote users. This brings every user of the platform closer, so they can have a sense of ownership and thereby build the community together.

As the platform continues to grow, users would expect that more commodities will be incorporated into trading, and the platform will probably integrate features to connect users directly with one another.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by BitYard.


E-money exchange rating
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