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Best Crypto Management Tools Running On Polygon in 2022


Best Crypto Management Tools Running On Polygon in 2022

Despite the pessimism and fear among the investors of an upcoming bear market causing the crypto charts to bleed in red on all trading exchanges, we have a few strong contenders behaving otherwise with a  bold show of green candles. In case you are still not aware, we are talking about the Polygon Network. It has remained in green with minor fluctuations due to the rollout of new features, cross-chain migration, the introduction of polygon featured exchange-traded products, and last but not least, asset management tools. Let’s talk about the best Crypto management tools that run on Polygon.

In the line of new products and features introduced, it is the asset management tools piquing investor attention. In the span of the last 6 months, on the Polygon Network, renowned Asset Under Managers (AUM) funds like Osprey, Bitwise, and SET have been welcomed. These asset funds allow quick exposure to high-income earning opportunities; however, they need a medium that is cost-effective and quick to switch between portfolios for generating better returns. Hence the demand for the best asset management tools is on the rise in the Polygon ecosystem. In this article, we shall look at five of the best asset management tools if you want to enter AUM funds for better returns. 

What are Asset Management Tools? 

Asset management tools are decentralized applications facilitating investment in a basket of crypto assets under management. Using the asset management tools, investors can track the asset value and get suggestions to invest in a wide range of asset classes with no intermediary involved. Hence if you are looking for steady profits, asset management tools can help you in your pursuit. 

Top Asset Management Tools To Pick For Better Returns 

#1 dHedge

It is a decentralized protocol facilitating portfolio management built on top of the Ethereum chain with Polygon as the partner network to facilitate low-cost transactions. Using the dHedge dapp, investors or asset managers can trade in synthetic crypto assets, foreign exchanges, commodities, and equities. For investors, it is possible to open long and short positions against a basket of cryptocurrencies and get exposure from the same.

The dHedge ecosystem uses smart-contracts to trade on behalf of the investors. However, if you are thinking that by doing so the investor would lose control of their funds, that would be completely wrong on the dHedge ecosystem. As it works in a non-custodial manner. 

Best Crypto Management Tools Running On Polygon in 2022

#2 Instadapp

To keep the entire DeFi or decentralized finance ecosystem on the tip of your finger, you need the Instadapp application. With the help of the Instadapp application, investors can aggregate multiple DeFi layers/ecosystems and get a synetic token minted. Whenever the basket of assets deviates or changes its course, it will be replaced by a basket of new assets that can derive better returns.

Using the Instadapp application, investors can even venture out within the realms of crypto flash loans and make quick gains. Not only this, there is a further upside where exposure to a new operability layer is possible, opening gates to access extension of existing products. Hence allowing more ways to improve the ROI and capitalize on gains.

Best Crypto Management Tools Running On Polygon in 2022

#3 Metamask 

Metamask is the perfect asset management tool to pick since there will be a fixed gas cost levied for doing transactions as per the EIP-1559 event. Using the Metamask wallet, investors can explore blockchain applications in seconds and engage with tokens swaps, NFTs drops, and transfers at marginal gas cost. To bring crypto assets from various ecosystems that adhere to the ERC standards, Metamask is an undisputed choice. 

How To Add Polygon (Matic Network) to Metamask?

#4 StakerDAO

If you want a perfect tool to interact with the crypto index funds, StakerDAO scores all brownie points. Being a non-custodial wallet, it restores control of the assets in the hands of the investor. On top of this, the DAO dashboard provides all valuable intel like staking strategies, suggestions for top staking protocols, and easy-to-understand guides keeping you always ahead of the learning curve in your investment journey. 

Best Crypto Management Tools Running On Polygon in 2022

#5 Token Pocket

The purpose of Token Pocket is to break barriers between products, companies, and communities that exist in the crypto space. Using the token pocket wallet, you can do more than just send and receive cryptocurrencies. Token Pocket introduces a Dapp store of its own. Using the Dapp store, you can access all Dapps built on top of the token pocket ecosystem. Additionally, you can control them from one common dashboard. 

Along with this, you can also engage in performing a wide range of blockchain activities ranging from voting for your favorite block producer to earn rewards to engaging in cross-chain token swaps using the following tokens: EOS, TRX, ETH, BTT, USDT, HT, DAI, TUSD, and USDC. After the launch of the Token Pocket ecosystem, it has become simpler to swap tokens across various blockchain networks. So, once you secure profits, you can convert your profits to the token of your choice at negligible fees. 

Best Crypto Management Tools Running On Polygon in 2022


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