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Cardano (ADA) Creator Charles Hoskinson Says Ethereum (ETH) Is Doing ‘Impressive Things’ – Here’s Why


Cardano (ADA) Creator Charles Hoskinson Says Ethereum (ETH) Is Doing ‘Impressive Things’ – Here’s Why

Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson says there are a lot of things that he admires in rival smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH).

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In a new YouTube video, Hoskinson says Ethereum’s vibrant ecosystem of scaling solutions such as rollup is something that Cardano can aspire to.

“[Ethereum’s layer-2] ecosystem is fascinating, roll-ups in particular. There’s a lot of magic there and I admire that greatly. And I think we can do better as an ecosystem…

I think a lot can be done above and beyond what we’re doing. The Ethereum space is doing interesting things there… really impressive things are happening.”

According to the Cardano creator, the second-largest cryptocurrency also has an active and effective community whose successes he attributes to the leadership of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

“If you’re intellectually honest, Ethereum has a humongous community…

It’s undeniable the pervasiveness of Ethereum. It’s undeniable that those people are also quite effective.

There is a problem-solving mindset that exists within Ethereum that is seldom seen in the rest of the cryptocurrency space. Where people don’t just bitch and complain about things or go to some sort of ideological religion, they actually try to solve stuff.

And I think it’s a testimony to good leadership from Vitalik. He’s a very solution-oriented person and he’s a very execution-oriented person. And while there’s depth and philosophy there, there’s always an engineering mindset of ‘build it, build it, build it, build it.’ And there’s a persistence there that is quite impressive and I admire that.”

Hoskinson also says that Ethereum has contributed immensely in extending the use cases of blockchain technology beyond monetary utility.

“I think the other thing that Ethereum has done very well… They’ve been a very effective communicator as an ecosystem about blockchain utility that’s non-monetary…

But Ethereum came around and suddenly we have NFTs [non-fungible tokens]. And suddenly we have all these other things, oracles and video games. All kinds of weird experiences like metaverse stuff. It’s pretty cool and Ethereum was the first mover in that and there’s still a lot of strength and momentum in that community about dreaming big.”


Cardano (ADA) Creator Charles Hoskinson Says Ethereum (ETH) Is Doing ‘Impressive Things’ – Here’s Why


E-money exchange rating
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