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ICICB Group Launches The Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World


ICICB Group Launches The Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World

ICICB Group partnered with Atari to create Atari token – a decentralized cryptocurrency – with the goal of making it a token of reference in the entertainment industry. The Group is looking to further strengthen its hold in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, announcing the launch of the fastest blockchain in the world. The project will feature a series of tools that make it easier for users and developers to join the blockchain ecosystem. Dubai’s ICICB Group, one of the most renowned, diversified investment management companies in the world is launching the fastest blockchain in the world

The ICICB Group made possible the Blockchain Innovation Summit 2021 in Dubai. This is a networking, entrepreneurship, and innovation event for a new world centered on blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and the metaverse. The ICICB offered an experience with the potential to unleash a transformative goal in time. The Group’s main objective for launching the blockchain is to reinvent the entire user engagement experience across all industry domains – from decentralized blockchain payments, the entertainment industry, investments, engineering, and the medical system.

The Group comes with cognitive blockchain solutions such as analyzing, comprehending, and investing in the huge potential of blockchain and metaverse applications. The latest investment by the Group intends to revolutionize the tech industry into a decentralized virtual-reality platform. In addition, the Group is moving forward with the creation of a metaverse platform that will attract public attention and substantially impact the affluent virtual-reality field. 

In a move that’s not at all desperate, the Group claims it will soon operate blockchain casinos, further details of which are yet to be announced publicly. A decentralized crypto wallet, among other things, will be part of this project.

ICICB Group is one of the most renowned, diversified investment management companies with its concept of gaining access to the key elements of digital transformation. The Group has created a distinct performance in the investment world, in addition to a global focus on offering faster services to customers and improving the digital experience.  ICICB Group was founded in 2019 and headquartered in Dubai. It grew its investment services to 114 branch offices, providing financial and banking services to over 26 countries worldwide, including the United States, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Germany, Australia, and others. The Group has expanded its reach to invest in health, industrial, water, education, tourism industries, and many others. The Group seeks value through a long-term approach and commitment. It keeps a stable growth rate by obtaining in-depth knowledge of markets and industries and building long-term business concepts.

Pioneering the Tech industry from the Middle East

During the global financial crisis, the Group generated tremendous development in banking and financial services. ICICB emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing multinational investment holding companies, despite market volatility. The Group is delivering innovative financial services products in response to feedback from customers and partners. Together, the associates of the Group advance their business to meet the client and shareholder expectations.

The Group focuses on deploying innovative technologies to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for its clients. It leads to a promising future of online financial banking data to create, strengthen, and develop solutions that match the needs of the global market. By launching a blockchain initiative, the Group oversees a future vision of delivering high-quality services and products based on artificial intelligence for a more decentralized and sustainable world – powered by technologies and people.

ICICB Group Launches The Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World


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